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Smashing Toys 1.4

Smashing Toys is a race game where the competitors drive toy cars
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Leon Brothers

Smashing Toys is a race game where the competitors drive toy cars. More than that - the car drivers are toys, too. You will need to guide them to win the race, driving the car with the cursor movement keys. You can seize many power-ups along the way, and use several weapons against your opponents. This will not be a clean race: you can hit, paralyze, and eliminate opponents to achieve the pole position.
The races can take place in three worlds, with several levels. The demo version will only let you race in just one world, the Fun Fair, and only in its first level, called "Genesis". To gain access to other world, you will have to complete all the levels in the previous one. The whole game is rendered in 3D. You can switch the camera view angle. The music is very nice and sounds great. The toys in the race are breakable, and they will lose parts with every shock and explosion. You may see cars driven by dolls without her head or an arm. Losing a part will diminish your score. This game can be played through a network. This way you will be able to compete with players around the world.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice graphics and sound


  • It takes ages to load, even in powerful machines
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